Julia Pastrana

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A Mexican Indian (1834-1860) woman, who suffered generalised hypertrichosis, a large nose and ears, and gingival hyperplasia.
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A DRAWING by former Beatle John Lennon showing 'a hairy woman holding a miniature man by the arm', which is said to have first caught the interest of his wife Yoko Ono, goes on show at Sotheby''s auction house in London.
The doctors also discover if a hairy woman has dealt with her excess follicles, whether Margaret has followed instructions since the operation to correct her vaginal prolapse and if a tan-obsessed teenager has finally kicked the habit.
Then Norton added: "For a hairy woman with thick ankles she is amazing.
Other new racing shows will include 'Celebrity Newmarket Dog Walking', in which well-known Newmarket personalities will be shown walking their dogs; 'I'm A Teenage Apprentice Transsexual', in which junior stable staff who want to be famous for 15 minutes will be flown to Thailand in order to have non-essential parts of their persons removed; and 'I'm A Hairy Woman Trainer, Get Used To It', in which ugly female members of the training profession (if any can be found: stations reserve the right to import 'pretend' ones if not) will be shown refusing to shave their legs and armpits, and threatening to throw away their deodorant if nobody watches.
A hairy woman, by contrast, is thought to be anything ranging from unfeminine to disgusting.
The tabloids called the display ``the black forest'' and christened the actress ``Pretty Hairy Woman.
The choreography is not keyed to the sound scores, arranged by Ann Steuernagel, which serve as a collage of pop and every other kind of music, noise, and, for this concert, a spoken parable about the mating of a hairy woman with an American frontiersman.
Campbell offered, and indeed tendered, payment for the right to release his parody called "Big Hairy Woman.
The 2 Live Crew sampled the distinctive bassline from the Orbison song, but the romantic lyrics were replaced by talk about a hairy woman and her bald-headed friend and their appeal to the singer.
Then Norton, from Bandon, Co Cork, added: "For a hairy woman with thick ankles she is amazing.
In their parody she becomes "big hairy woman," "old hairy woman," and "two-timin' woman.
going 'seriously, F*** off, I'm A Hairy Woman, on my big day?