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A mutated autosomal recessive gene in mice that develop total alopecia at 3-4 weeks. They are predisposed to thymic leukaemia, and to carcinogen- and UV light-induced skin cancers; the mutation is attributed to genomic integration of a natural provirus
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In that one night, if ye meet the Hairless One--and his name is Man--ye shall not be afraid of him, but he shall he afraid of you, as though ye were judges of the Jungle and masters of all things.
Then the First of the Tigers answered, 'I am content'; but when next he drank he saw the black stripes upon his flank and his side, and he remembered the name that the Hairless One had given him, and he was angry.
So the day came; and from the mouth of the cave went out another Hairless One, and he saw the kill in the path, and the First of the Tigers above it, and he took a pointed stick "
Thus it happened as Tha said, for the First of the Tigers ran howling up and down the Jungle till he tore out the stick, and all the Jungle knew that the Hairless One could strike from far off, and they feared more than before.
Then I heard a movement on the part of the creature near me, and again it touched me, and I felt something like a hairless hand pass over my face and down until it touched the collar of my flannel shirt.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Elation 9 Idiom 10 Eased 11 Ailment 12 Tea 13 Midnight 16 Desserts 17 Ivy 19 In-depth 21 Ruler 22 Pagan 23 Liaison DOWN: 1 Regents 2 Nauseate 3 Tied 4 Villains 5 Nice 6 Amity 8 Neanderthal 13 Misspent 14 Hairless 15 Hydrant 18 Wimps 20 Digs 21 Road QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Closefisted 8 Foe 9 Mrs 11 Road hog 12 Alien 13 Elf 14 Two 15 Smarten 17 How 19 Abet 21 Harm 23 Deny 25 Foot 27 Eve 29 Escaped 31 Ass 34 Lip 36 Sauna 37 Inexact 38 Him 39 Key 40 Loudmouthed DOWN: 1 Cool 2 Leaf 3 Schemer 4 Figure 5 Spare 6 Emit 7 Drew 8 Fresh 10 Snout 16 Nan 18 Who 20 Bye 22 Ate 24 Element 25 Flash 26 Calico 28 Empty 30 Stand 32 Sail 33 Sumo 34 Lake 35 Iced
The researchers found that carvedilol exhibited a protective effect in cultured mouse skin cells exposed to UVB and in hairless mice given the drug after UVB exposure.
The American hairless terrier, the pumi and the sloughi will all compete for the first time in the famous competition, which will take place at New York City's Madison Square Garden on Feb.
Without any warning he suddenly flourished a large mirror at the back of my head and let out a cackle while pointing at the offending hairless patch.
From its recently released trailer, it seems to be a festival of hairless bodies, pouting young boys pulling off their tank tops on the orders of leering older men, and Franco at his most gym-honed and charmingly sinister in what is being called his "most unhinged performance.
Dogs that are white, hairless and with light-coloured fur are most likely to suffer from sunburn.
STAND OUT OUALBUM The follow-up to last year's excellent Hairless Toys takes the former Moloko star further into her intensely layered and inventive midcareer revival.