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Drug slang A regional term for marijuana
Vox populi The amount of money a person is dunned for a particular service
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Even our parents were not informed about us being given a haircut," said Akhila, a Class 6 student.
"We decided to start the haircuts this year after the success of our school uniform bank.
The 30 free promotional haircuts are available on a first come, first served basis.
The HR department asked employees if a haircut by the owner of Rock Barber would be a good offering.
Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids has announced it will open two new salons in New Jersey on the heels of opening a location in Livingston.
The Abu Dhabi-based carrier said that the haircut would allow it make a bid for the Indian firm.
She learned that the students were making fun of Priscilla because her new haircut made her "look like a boy." Priscilla even began wearing a hat to class and refused to take it off.
While the former united states president was running for office, a popular haircut came into vogue.
But according to Kerry Rochester, executive headteacher at Summerhill Primary Academy, in Tipton, the youngster's haircut goes against the school's hair policy, which says pupils must not have 'hairstyles that will detract from learning' - with cuts that fall below a grade two length strictly forbidden.
I didn't know how to feel but I was happy I was there to witness my baby boy's first haircut.'
"Now you can meet a lot of young people on the streets of the city with the same haircut as Rustami Emomali's one," one of city resident said.