William M., U.S. epidemiologist/statistician, 1910-1998. See: Mantel-Haenszel test.
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Foi adicionado tambem ao qui-quadrado o teste de Mantel-Haenszel para confirmar a associacao linear de variaveis, uma vez que as variaveis sao medidas escalares intervalares (MANTEL; HAENSZEL, 1959; MACIEL et al, 2015).
Statistically significant association was found between knowledge of diarrohea and its home management as p-value (0.000) of Pearson Chisquare 52 at df 1 was less than 0.05 and the association also exists on applying Cochran's Mantel Haenszel test of conditional independence.
Once natural strata have been organized, the estimation of impact follows statistical procedures known since the 1950s for analysis of stratified case--control design (Cochran 1950; Mantel and Haenszel 1959).
Colombia fue pionera en el desarrollo de RCBP con el registro de Cali (RCPB-Cali), en la Universidad del Valle fundado en 1962 bajo el impulso de Pelayo Correa, investigador centrado en establecer hipotesis causales de cancer de estomago y William Haenszel del Instituto Nacional de Cancer de Estados Unidos (7).
Mantel (1963) proposed a statistic that is an extension of the standard Mantel-Haenszel (MH) procedure (Mantel & Haenszel, 1959), and it is often used as the gold standard for detecting items with differential functioning.
The unadjusted Odds Ratios, with 95% Confidence Intervals and p values (based on the Mantel and Haensel Chi square test (Mantel, N., Haenszel, W., 1959), for the association of LBW with maternal health and socio-demographic characteristics, are shown in table (3).
Two different methods were used: item response theory (IRT), following Raju's method of determining DIF (Oshima & Morris, 2008); and the Mantel-Haenszel method (Mantel & Haenszel, 1959).
(1963) Chi-square tests with one degree of freedom: extensions of the Mantel Haenszel procedure.
Witarsa, "Nonparametric IRT methodology for detecting DIF in moderate-to-small scale measurment: operating characteristics and a compartions with the Mantel Haenszel," in Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, 2004, http://educ.ubc.ca/faculty/zumbo/aera/papers/Zumbo-Witarsa_AERA.pdf.
Mantel and Haenszel (1959) proposed a very similar test and introduced an estimator for a common odds ratio.