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Cell Saver 5, plasma separator Surgery A device that separates plasma from blood, returning Pt RBCs to the body, ↓ need for transfusions. See Blood salvage.
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Some of the leading companies profiled in the report include Haemonetics Corporation, Asahi Kasei Kuraray Medical Co, Ltd., Terumo Corporation, B.
The major players operating in the global autotransfusion systems market are Medtronic Plc (Ireland), Becton, Dickinson and Company (US), Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc (US), Teleflex Incorporated (US), LivaNova (UK), Fresenius (Germany), Atrium Medical Corporation (Sweden), Haemonetics Corporation (US), SARSTEDT (Germany), Braile Biomdica (Brazil), Redax (Italy), Beijing ZKSK Technology Co (China), and Gen World Medical Devices (India) are some of the leading players.
* Haemonetics (NYSE:HAE) shares achieved a new 52-week high on Friday morning, hitting $137.92 with a daily change of up 1.33%.
He believes the "backdrop and real world experience" are making Haemonetics' NexSys value proposition "all the more obvious." Petrone believes the checks support his view for broad-based NexSys adoption and $150-plus share upside case for Haemonetics.
Healthcare company Haemonetics Corporation (NYSE:HAE) revealed on Monday the election of Claire Pomeroy, MD, MBA, to its board of directors.
In 2017, there were four notable carve-outs, starting with Machine Solutions' acquisition in May of Haemonetics' SEBRA line of benchtop and hand sealer equipment for blood and plasma centers worldwide.
According to the physician's discretion, platelet aggregation inhibition tests were performed by modified thromboelastography (mTEG, Haemonetics Corp., Massachusetts, USA).
The current viscoelastic hemostatic assay technologies--TEG (Haemonetics Corporation, Braintree, Massachusetts) and ROTEM (Tem International, Munich, Germany)--have been marketed for several years, but ease-of-use issues, labor, and time-intensive operations have limited more-widespread use in clinical practice and in large-scale clinical trials.
Frank has received funding from Haemonetics (Braintree, MA), Zimmer-Biomet (Warsaw, IN), Medtronic (Minneapolis, MN).
Leading the way is Braintree, Mass.-based Haemonetics Corp.
Each hospital had a Cell Saver 5+ autologous blood recovery system (Haemonetics, USA) at the start of the study, and in May 2013 Edendale acquired an additional Cell Saver Elite machine (Haemonetics, USA).
US blood management solutions firm Haemonetics Corporation (NYSE:HAE) said that it had completed the takeover of domestic sector player Hemerus Medical LLC.