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(ā′drē-ən), Edgar Douglas First Baron Adrian. 1889-1977.
British physiologist. He shared a 1932 Nobel Prize for major advances in the understanding of the nervous and muscular systems and was one of the first to study electrical activity in the brain and nervous system.
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Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland, captured by Matt Walker of Sunderland
These 'Romans' would walk the length of Hadrian's Wall in aid of the Cancer Relief Fund.
"With a low entry price, assured NET yield of 7%, and excellent potential for capital growth, Hadrian's Tower will appeal to buy-to-let investors around the world.
The area, which stretches across north England from Cumbrian Roman coastal defences in the west through Maryport, along Hadrian's Wall through Carlisle and to Newcastle in the east, really does have something for everyone.
Nigel Mills, director of world heritage and access for the Hadrian's Wall Trust, said the discovery of a Roman temple as well as the settlement that developed around the fort were an important part of the Roman Empire and plans are in place to begin excavating civilian buildings.
HADRIAN is a 3D human modelling and task analysis system capable of simulating discrete physical interactions that are based on the complex limitations of real people, rather than generic population data.
Illuminating Hadrian's Wall has been organised by Hadrian's Wall Heritage and is a flagship event to launch British Tourism Week 2010 (March 15-21).
Recognizing that the empire was getting too big to control, Hadrian reversed Trajan's policy of [4] -- He withdrew from Mesopotamia.
Hadrian is most famous for Hadrian's Wall in the north of England, which still stands today in a wild, uncompromisingly fearsome way, providing a reminder of the Roman heel, which once stamped its power on this country.