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(ā′drē-ən), Edgar Douglas First Baron Adrian. 1889-1977.
British physiologist. He shared a 1932 Nobel Prize for major advances in the understanding of the nervous and muscular systems and was one of the first to study electrical activity in the brain and nervous system.
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Hadrian was a consummate statesman, consolidating and strengthening the empire he had inherited, rather than weakening it with endless campaigns in a way which had been Trajan's downfall.
Hadrian, it seems, had reached profound conclusions from the chaos on the eastern front in 116-118: that the empire was overextended; that it could not conquer the East; that, if it tried, it risked a cataclysmic collapse of military power.
Businesses wanting to find out more about the Hadrian Project should contact Jon Warwick, of Newcastle University, on 0191 222 8060.
The rare, 2nd century AD bronze of the Roman Emperor, Hadrian, with Richard Hobbs, a curator of Roman and British collections at the British Museum Picture, FIONA HANSON/PA
Contemplative and analytical recollections of his accomplishments, his hopes for Rome, and his personal relationships, the letters reveal Hadrian to be a highly intelligent, often wise man, conscious of the great power he wields.
The bed will now be used to help students, such as eight-year-old Jack Gilbert-Ovens, integrate more readily in day-to-day classes with Hadrian students.
Hadrian supplies parts to 850 motor factor customers throughout the country from its Fourstones, near Hexham, headquarters and Wiltshire-based arm LMC Hadrian.
This year also marks the 1,900th anniversary of the accession of Hadrian to the Roman Imperial throne.
Building started around AD 122 when the Emperor Hadrian visited the north of England to identify potential sites.
ELDERLY care provider Hadrian Healthcare Group has promoted Morag Purvis, previously manager at the company's Ridley Park care home in Blyth, to the post of operations director.