Habronema muscae

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Hab·ro·ne·ma mus·'cae

a species that occurs in the stomach of the horse, mule, ass, or zebra; the intermediate host is the common housefly, Musca domestica, or related flies.
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Morphology of the infective larval stage of the equid parasite Habronema muscae (Spirurida: Habronematidae), from houseflies (Musca domestica).
Note: There are 651 total entries for different diseases/conditions in 450 animals indicating that 44.7% of animals had more than one disease/condition [Gasterophilus nasalis (stomach), Habronema muscae (intestine), Setaria equina (liver), Cyathostomum catinatum (intestine), Cylococyclus nassatus (intestine) were recovered in autopsy of equines]
The habronemas, which consist of Habronema muscae, H.