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Relating to a habenula, especially the stalk of the pineal body.
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Relating to a habenula, especially the stalk of the pineal body.
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(hă-ben′yŭ-lă) plural.habenulae [L. habenula, little rein, strap]
1. A frenum or any reinlike or whiplike structure.
2. A peduncle or stalk attached to the pineal body of the brain. Fibers that travel posteriorly along the dorsomedial border of the thalamus to the habenular ganglia (epithalamus) resemble reins.
3. A narrow bandlike stricture. habenular (-lăr), adjective

habenula urethralis

Either of two whitish bands between the clitoris and meatus urethra in young females.
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