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Although HTLV-1 infection alone is not sufficient in and of itself to result in neoplastic transformation, the virus does express a few genes demonstrated to aid in oncogenesis (1).
HTLV-1 infection was the main underlying disease in 71% of patients, and 44% of patients had a history of chronic alcoholism.
In Australia, HTLV-1 carriers were first reported among indigenous residents of remote desert communities in 1988 (3).
HTLV-1 was the first retrovirus to be identified in humans and is structurally related to other viruses within the retroviridae family, such as HIV-1 and HIV-2, sharing similar routes of transmission.
Patients were identified retrospectively from a list of patients with positive HTLV-1 serology who presented to the National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital, from May 2005 to June 2012.
As a result of Alan Best's case, the National Blood Authority has since changed its procedures and we understand that all blood donations are now routinely screened for HTLV-1.
Of people infected with HTLV-1, approximately 10% will develop myelopathy ('tropical spastic paraparesis').
These pathologies are a serious threat to the several million persons infected with HTLV-1 (1).
Experts feel that the connection of HTLV-1 to MS must still be proved.
Even though blood-screening tests have reduced the risk of contracting HIV, hepatitis B, or syphilis, no screening test is yet available at the blood banks to eliminate non-A non-B hepatitis or HTLV-1, the virus that causes T-cell leukemia or lymphoma many years later.
Gallo, who is widely known for his pioneering research in the field of human retroviruses with his discoveries of, Il-2, HTLV-1 and HTLV-2, his co-discovery of HIV as the cause of AIDS, and his development of the HIV blood test, is The Homer & Martha Gudelsky Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Director of the Institute of Human Virology in the School of Medicine, and Co-Founder and Scientific Director of the Global Virus Network (GVN).
ELISA results were negative for antibodies to HIV-1, HIV-2, HTLV-1, and HTLV-2.