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Some small heat shock proteins are tissue specific in human such as HspB2, HspB3, [alpha]-crystalline (HspB4), HspB7, HspB9, and HspB10, while others are expressed in all human tissues including HspBl, aB-crystalline (Hsp-B5), HspB6 (20 kDa) and HspB8 (10-17).
Gusev, "Cofilin weakly interacts with 14-3-3 and therefore can only indirectly participate in regulation of cell motility by small heat shock protein HspB6 (Hsp20)," Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, vol.
For instance HSPB6 plays important role in cardioprotection and phosphorylation of HSPB6 by cyclic nucleotide dependent protein kinase is associated with relaxation of smooth muscles.