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Abbreviation for:
Health Service Guidance
Health Strategy Group 
Housing Support Group 
human serum globulin


(his?te-ro-sal?pin?gog'ra-fe, -ping?) [ hystero- + salpingography],


Radiography of the uterus and oviducts after injection of a contrast medium. This procedure is sometimes used to clear the fallopian tubes, but ultrasound provides superior imaging.
Synonym: metrosalpingography; uterosalpingography

Hysterosalpingography; HSG

X raying of the uterus and fallopian tubes following the injection of a contrast dye.
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A vertically mounted pyranometer behind the window indicated that the LSG glazing transmitted 17% less solar radiation than the HSG (~57% transmission).
It should be appreciated that HSG and Laparoscopy are complimentary rather that competitive procedures.
On appeal, HSG argued that the regulation was invalid because the agency exceeded its authority to implement the act.
Some merchants produce their own seed mixtures containing HSGs, and there are two branded mixtures available that are comprised entirely of proven IGER-bred high-sugar grasses: Aber HSG1, designed for medium and long-term leys suitable for cattle and sheep, and Aber HSG2, designed as a medium-term conservation ley.
125" of stock per side, the HSG process produces the required surface finish and holds bearing size tolerance to |+ or -~0.
This is a two year retrospective review of patients referred to the Karachi X-Rays and Diagnostic Center for HSG evaluation of infertility from July 2008 to July 2010.
The combined sales of Vindea Oy and HSG Logistics were about EUR27m in 2011 when their total staff was 260.
GSP claims that HSG "strategically" timed its default to take advantage of a line in the credit agreements that prevented lenders taking control of the group's finances if it defaulted within 180 days of the opening day of the National Hockey League's (NHL) opening day.
php), founder of the Biz of Baseball, offered this prediction should Commissioner Selig act good on his threat to revoke the franchise from HSG and complete the sale without the consent of the lenders.
Of the 16 patients who failed their initial HSG, 13 had documented tubal occlusion on their second HSG; 2 had a previous unilateral salpingectomy; and 1 had unilateral placement, and subsequently conceived.
Consortium HSG Technischer Service GmbH and GeBe Gebdud- und Betriebstechnik GmbH S|dwest Co.
The fecal microflora of infants in the HSG were analyzed only before weaning whereas in the SG the fecal microflora were analyzed both before and after weaning.