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Health Service Guidance
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Housing Support Group 
human serum globulin
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(his?te-ro-sal?pin?gog'ra-fe, -ping?) [ hystero- + salpingography],


Radiography of the uterus and oviducts after injection of a contrast medium. This procedure is sometimes used to clear the fallopian tubes, but ultrasound provides superior imaging.
Synonym: metrosalpingography; uterosalpingography
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Hysterosalpingography; HSG

X raying of the uterus and fallopian tubes following the injection of a contrast dye.
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Kappa statistics calculated to measure the agreement on predictability between these two tests HSG and SIS.
The FOAM study: is Hysterosalpingo foam sonography (HyFoSy) a cost-effective alternative for hysterosalpingography (HSG) in assessing tubal patency in subfertile women?
Media Note: High-resolution photos and bios of HSG leaders are available upon request.
From another perspective, the "degenerated" hens "of aristocratic lineage" in the garden also metaphorically allude to the decline of the aristocratic genealogy (HSG 89-90).
The obtained HSG were scattered in the 9 mL DMF with ultrasonic treatment for 5 h at ambient temperature.
Secondary outcome measures were clinical pregnancy, live birth, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, time to pregnancy, and pain scores after HSG. All data were analyzed according to intention-to-treat.
The foregoing further suggests the following: that firms that have signally increased their 'corporate value' (reflected by the 5-year holding period return, REF) have demonstrated revenue growth (HSG), but it appears that the revenue growth (HSG) itself needed to be supported by a high five-years of earnings growth (HEG), as well, suggesting a possible dependence of holding period return (REF) on both revenue growth (HSG) and earnings growth (HEG).
Diagnostic HSG provides radiographic (X-ray) evaluation of the fallopian tubes and the inside of the uterine cavity.
Approximately 14% of infertility cases are due to fallopian tubes abnormalities.1 Therefore, it is crucial to assess fallopian tubes patency during the diagnosis of infertility.2 Hysterosalpingography (HSG) is considered as the gold standard in the assessment of tubal patency3 and it is also recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for tubal occlusion evaluation in the absence of comorbidities.4
The imaging armamentarium includes trans-abdominal sonography (TAS) and trans-vaginal sonography (TVS), hysterosalpingography (HSG), sonohysterosalpingography, saline/contrast infusion sonohysterosalpingography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
The next day, the HSG partners viewed the available floors and, shortly thereafter, Lemle and Zarnin secured a favorable rent with a substantial concession package in an off-market transaction.
Left: Rev HSG Thomas in 1940, and as Captain HSG Thomas in 1941