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A gene on chromosome 3q13.2 that encodes a probable catalytic component of the NAA11-NAA15 complex with alpha (N-terminal) acetyltransferase activity.
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With this week's Bollywood film Ram Leela coming under duress to change its title so as not to hurt religious sentiments, Hsan recollects his Vishwaroopam facing a similar trial earlier this year.
The chief minister said that though Hsan agreed to cut the objectionable parts of the film on Wednesday, he was not willing to do so until the film's scheduled date of release.
"The constitution has already been drafted and it should not be amended again," said Kyaw Hsan, some of whose comments were reported by state television late on Friday.
The daughter of Kamal Hsan and Sarika can also be seen sporting beaded nath s ( nose rings), standing on a swing and leaning on the designer in other photographs.
The movie was originally set to release on January 25 got the go ahead for release after actor-filmmaker Hsan agreed to remove seven scenes that offended Mulsim groups.
LEAKED pictures of a racy dance song that Shruti Hsan filmed for her recent Telugu release Yevadu have flooded the Internet, and the actress is not pleased about it.
Mumbai, Feb 2 ( ANI ): Bollywood actor Suneil Shetty defended Kamal Hsan on Saturday, saying that he is a sensitive actor-filmmaker and has handled the Vishwaroopam episode well.
Kyaw Hsan retained his post as information minister.
Rati Agnihotri romanced Kamal Hsan gave a tragic twist to 1981 hit Ek Duuje Ke Liye.