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1. any protein that is soluble in water and moderately concentrated salt solutions and is coagulable by heat.
2. serum albumin; the most abundant plasma protein, formed principally in the liver and constituting up to two thirds of the 6 to 8 per cent protein concentration in the plasma. (See accompanying table.) Albumin is responsible for much of the colloidal osmotic pressure of the blood, and thus is a very important factor in regulating the exchange of water between the plasma and the interstitial compartment (space between the cells). Because of hydrostatic pressure, water is forced through the walls of the capillaries into the tissue spaces. This flow of water continues until the osmotic pull of protein (albumin) molecules causes it to stop. A drop in the amount of albumin in the plasma leads to an increase in the flow of water from the capillaries into the interstitial compartment. This results in an increase in tissue fluid which, if severe, becomes apparent as edema. Albumin serves also as a transport protein carrying large organic anions, such as fatty acids, bilirubin, and many drugs, and also hormones, such as cortisol and thyroxine, when their specific binding globulins are saturated.

The presence of albumin in the urine (albuminuria) indicates malfunction of the kidney, and may accompany kidney disease or heart failure. A person with severe renal disease may lose as much as 20 to 30 g of plasma proteins in the urine in one day.

A decrease in the serum albumin level may occur with severe disease of the kidney. Other conditions such as liver disease, malnutrition, and extensive burns may result in serious decrease of plasma proteins.
albumin-globulin ratio the ratio of albumin to globulin in blood serum, plasma, or urine.
albumin human a preparation of human serum albumin, used as an artificial plasma extender and to increase bilirubin binding in hyperbilirubinemia.
iodinated I 125 albumin a radiopharmaceutical used in blood and plasma volume, circulation time, and cardiac output determinations, consisting of albumin human labeled with iodine-125.
iodinated I 131 albumin a radiopharmaceutical used in blood pool imaging and plasma volume determinations, consisting of albumin human labeled with iodine-131.
normal human serum albumin albumin human.
serum albumin albumin of the blood.
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