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hallucinogen persisting perception disorder



Distorted sensory experiences (usually hallucinatory visual perceptions) that occur in those with a long history of illicit drug use.

Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD)

The recurrence of LSD effects after the drug experience has ended.
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In Model 1B, more patients "at risk" predicted higher HAPU-II+, while higher licensed HPPD and higher patient (bed) turnover were predictors of fewer HAPU-II+.
HPPD was first described by Eisner and Cohen, who observed spontaneous recurrences of LSD like states in subjects, days to weeks following cessation of drug use (1).
Second, the HPPD and respective staffing and budget were increased in the NICU.
In addition, she tolerated olanzapine well, and there is anecdotal evidence and 1 case report to suggest that olanzapine exacerbates HPPD.
Overtime can also increase the cost PPD when the HPPD may remain the same.
Like the dialkyl PPDs, monomeric TMQs are volatile liquids which stain and discolor but can be used to make liquid blends with HPPD.
In 2012, the European Commission and China decided to integrate these sector activities under the HPPD, which complements the EU-China High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue and High Level Strategic Dialogue.
Non-RN HPPD was calculated by aggregating hours provided by licensed practical nurses and unlicensed assistive personnel.
A review of 14 medical centers with consistent use of the tool for a minimum of six consecutive pay periods did not yield any net impact on the HPPD.
HPPD - 2; stearic - 2; ZnO - 6; CP216 - 3 Sulfur - var; MBS - 1.