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Ms Kajla, who thanked former colleagues for giving evidence at the tribunal, added: "I am very pleased with the tribunal's findings and in particular that they have condemned the HMPS for the way they sought to justify the actions of the bully by suggesting that my approach to work and my appearance was inappropriate and could create a breach in security."
"The whole thing was very stressful but I would also like to thank all those members of the HMPS who were prepared to tell the truth at the Tribunal even though they may have feared for their futures in the Service," she stated.
Steve Hodgson, head of HMPS Shared Services, said, 'We chose Celtic Springs after a thorough and robust selection process.
However, another advantage of the HMPs which it is essential to preserve, is also their value for money.
The public sector prisons in the West Midlands will join together to create a single establishment called HMP Redditch, after the Worcestershire town.
The presentation of therapeutic concepts used in addition to or instead of phytotherapy in this area is a rewarding read for anyone with an interest in HMPs. I am not aware of any book that offers something comparable to the scientifically interested reader.
Several common complaints experienced by pregnant or lactating women are amenable to treatment with herbal medicinal products (HMPs): nausea (ginger), back pain (devil's claw), anxiety (kava), varicose veins (horse chestnut seed), depression (St John's wort), etc (Ernst et al., 2001).