HLA typing

HLA typ·ing

tests done in order to determine if a patient has antibodies against a potential donor's HLA. The presence of antibodies means that a particular graft will be rapidly rejected; also used to establish paternity and in forensic medicine.

hu·man leu·ko·cyte an·ti·gen typ·ing

(hyūmăn lūkō-sīt anti-jen tīping)
Tests done to determine whether a patient has antibodies against a potential donor's HLAs. The presence of antibodies means that a graft will be rejected.
Synonym(s): HLA typing.
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We would like to work with future suppliers to realise this ambition and to perform hla typing by next generation sequencing technologies i
The Windows-based software includes tools for SNP/Indel Detection, Copy Number Variation analysis, RNA-Seq, HLA typing, and more.
In this optic, HLA typing emerges as an important tool able to discriminate individuals genetically susceptible to CD in at-risk groups such as those with autoimmune conditions (e.
Because of the lower throughput of the available technologies and to reduce the number of polymorphic sites to interrogate, early molecular strategies for clinical HLA typing focused on characterization of the antigen recognition site only (exons 2 and 3 for class I; exon 2 for class II).
Key players in this market include Agilent Technologies, Eiken Chemical, Erba Diagnostics, Diasorin, Fujirebio Diagnostics, Molecular, Illumina, Sequencing, Sequencing Kits, Sample Prep, IVD Business, Oncology, HLA Typing, Information Technology, CRISPR, Forensics, CLIA Lab Service, Sample to Insight, Labcorp, Laboratory Corp.
The comapny, through its recently acquired Olerup franchise, has a presence in the pre-transplant HLA typing market.
Clinical profile and HLA typing of autoimmune hepatitis from Pakistan.
Considering that HLA typing by traditional legacy methods provides sequencing information for only a few of the exons, we were previously unaware of the extent of polymorphisms within introns.
Pre-transplant workup done from the Apollo Main Hospitals, Chennai and their HLA typing status, pre-transplant DSA/PRA levels were collected from their serology/immunology section.
The Preimplantation genetic diagnosis testing market report estimates the market size (Revenue USD million - 2013 to 2020) for market segmentation based on diagnostic test type (aneuploidy screening, chromosomal aberrations, gender selection, HLA typing, single gene disorders, X-linked diseases, etc.
HLA typing was initially performed using serological techniques.
This edition has new sections on direct and indirect testing for mutations as a universal approach to tracing their inheritance and de novo mutations, expanded indications emphasizing the practical observation of preimplantation genetic diagnosis for various cancers and inherited cardiac diseases, and HLA typing combined with 24-chromosome aneuploidy testing, as well as updates to current technologies and information on their accuracy, reliability, and safety.