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n.pr the abbreviation for Health Insurance Association of America.
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The essence of the HIAA proposal, according to Schramm, guarantees that all small business groups (between three and 25 employees) can buy health insurance plans regardless of the health of their employees.
Although some employee benefits executives expressed concern about the complexity of the new plans," the HIAA study showed that "consumers consider themselves capable of assuming additional responsibility for their own health care choices.
According to Susan Neely, then Senior Vice President, Director of Communications for HIAA, the name for the coalition stemmed from the HIAA Vision, a document outlining the insurance industry's goal for health care reform.
The HIAA spent roughly $14 million, much of it on the famous "Harry and Louise" series of ads.
An HIAA spokesman, Richard Coorsh, said Tuesday that it would drive up the cost of health coverage by 10 to 30 percent.
Preferred provider organizations (20%) Health Maintenance organizations (19%) Point of service networks (3%) Conventional indemnity plans (58%) Source: HIAA Employer Survey, 1992, of 2,516 private firms and 95 state and local government employers.
2) The sample of about 2,600 firms in the HIAA surveys includes small, medium, and large firms in the public and private sectors.
What Silberner didn't note was that Hillary Clinton lashed out at only a portion of the insurance industry; while the HIAA is made up of small-and medium-sized insurers, the larger insurers (Aetna, Metropolitan Life, Prudential, Travelers, and Cigna) have broken away, forming the Alliance for Managed Competition which--along with Blue Cross/Blue Shield--is sympathetic to the Clinton plan, from which they stand to profit immensely.
HIAA members understand all too well what the Clintons intend.
The AMA appears to have kept its tent up, with some creative adjusting of the tent poles, while the HIAA tent has a huge rip straight down the middle.
The results of the survey enable HIAA to track trends in employer-sponsored health insurance and provide insight into changes in employee health benefits.
HIAA quickly and proactively identifies, diagnoses and helps resolve potential performance and capacity issues, including those concerning third-party storage.