HI test

HI test

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Q. hi everyone……I would like to ask everyone how reliable are the self tests that are being carried out for this. hi everyone……I would like to ask everyone how reliable are the self tests that are being carried out for pregnancy? I did try few at home and results are negative but I can see that my symptoms are pretty positive...……. Should I visit the doctor or can I rely on the test that I did myself?

A. They are very reliable, however if they are done too soon or not done properly they can be negative when there is actually a pregnancy. However, they will NOT give a positive if there is NOT a pregnancy.

The best time to take the test is first thing in the morning and using the first urine of the day. It contains the highest level of the pregnancy hormones.

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For the HI test, we treated the samples with receptor-destroying enzyme (RDEII; Denka Seiken, http://www.keyscientific.com) at 37[degrees]C for 16 h, followed by heat inactivation at 56[degrees]C for 30 min.
Humoral immune response to rHVT-H5 vaccination was tested by HI test against HA antigens homologous either with the vaccine virus insert or with the challenge virus.
(11) The test was considered positive when the HA end-point titre was depressed by three or more dilutions in the HI test. A titre of 1/16 was considered positive.
Statistical analysis: The data regarding HI test was processed for calculating geometric mean titer (GMT) on 21, 28 and 35 days post-vaccination (DPV).
For confirmation of vaccine virus as APMV-1, HI test was performed using known positive antisera of APMV-1.
Map of Harris County and the City of Houston, Texas, showing the geographical distribution of HI test results for WNV, SLE, EEE, and WEE in 2015.
The virus Neutralization test (NT) was far more sensitive in comparison to HI test (Orenstein et.
Antibody titer for NDV was determined from each serum sample using the OIE HI test protocol.
The positive results showed that 81.7 % of ELISA positive cases had titer [greater than or equal to] 32 for H9N2 influenza in HI test. Although positive result were found more in dogs with general or respiratory signs, no significant differences were observed in the evaluated factors and seropositivity.
The HA agent was confirmed as AI (H9 type) by using HI test with AIV-H9 specific antisera (Muhammad et al., 2001).
Virus titer calculated by HI test ranged from 1:64 to 1:512.
As a companion to the Hydraulic Institute Standards, together with the HI Test Standards, the Engineering Data Book completes the data for solving problems related to the pumping and transfer of fluids.