HELP Network

Handgun Epidemic Lowering Plan Network. A network of medical and allied organizations that share data on handgun-related mortality and morbidity
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CinTel offers a comprehensive line of advanced Internet Traffic Management solutions and system performance improvement solutions that help network operators meet the growing need to manage web access, secure content, improve users' experiences, and reduce server loads and bandwidth demands.
Thinking Allowed, The Alberta Mental Health Self Help Network, Edmonton, January 2005
Tools Help Network Managers Solve Network Woes Online
As for the networks, they clearly have the authority - as well as the responsibility - for monitoring their shows, and a rating system, besides aiding parents, might help network executives make more informed decisions.
The combination of BEA WebLogic SIP Server with Convergin's Accolade WCS is designed to allow both companies to help network operators to make the IMS Services Layer based on Telecom SOA principles, a reality.
The new DPUs are all rackmounted models, designed to help network administrators achieve maximum protection while taking up minimum space.
Our standards-based frame relay offering has now been expanded to include tools that will help network implementors solve the challenges of today's complex frame relay networks in a cost-effective manner," said Steve Bode, FrameXpress product manager for N.
A latency sensor that uses PINGs to monitor the network latency of a device or a data line has been included to help network managers to find overloaded network devices which usually show high variations of latency readings.
Thinking Allowed, Alberta Mental Health Self Help Network, Edmonton, October 2002
Nasdaq: SUNW) introduced five new carrier-grade products to help network equipment providers (NEPs) leverage the Solaris Operating Environment and Chorus Operating System deeper into the expanding IP-intensive core network.
VLANs help network administrators address the problem of how to divide large networks into more manageable parts to prevent broadcast and multicast traffic from consuming excessive bandwidth.
The two products help network engineers quickly identify and resolve problems, maintain large IP networks more effectively, and do more accurate network-change planning.