heart scan

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heart scan

a radiographic scan of the heart, performed after the injection of a radioactive material into a vein. It is used for determining the size, shape, and location of the heart; for diagnosing pericarditis; and for viewing the chambers of the heart. See also echocardiography, electrocardiography.

heart scan


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Q. My mother had a chest pain and she was sent for a TEE. When do you need a TEE and when a normal echo is fine? My mother had a chest pain few weeks ago. we were sure its a heart attack and went to the ER. There the doctors did some tests and she was sent for a (trans thoracic echocardiogram) TEE. I want to know when do you need a TEE and when you can do just a normal echocardiogram because the TEE was very painful for her and we want to know if ther was a better way.

A. The main difference between TEE and normal echo is that in TEE u put the transducer directly in the esophagus. The transducer is the same and the idea is to put it as close as possible to the heart.
As far as I know there are some heart situations the TEE is better for diagnosis that normal echo. Maybe your mom had one of those situations?
I can recommend you to ask the ER doctor. he will probably be able to give a better explanation for his choice

Q. I am scheduled for a TEE and i am very scared. what is exactly going to happen there? I am scheduled for a Transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) for my heart valve problem and i am very scared. what is exactly going to happen there to me? I understand i need to swallow somthing and I am not sure I'll be able to do it. I have a strong gag reflex. can someone tell me what I can do to reduce the fear?

A. During a TEE you will be requested to swallow something that looks like a big chocolate kiss. This is all the swallowing that is involved. It is not fun, and me too have a strong gag reflex. I asked the doctor to let me watch the TEE of the guy that was before me in the line. After I saw how this test is done it was easier for me.
(Don't get me wrong, you will want to puke but you will be able to handle this urge)

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Unfortunately the cost of a heart scan is very expensive and as we are a branch which is financially independent from the national RSPCA, it is a huge sum of money for us.
Ray McKinnon's men are without Lewis Toshney, who damaged ankle ligaments in last Saturday's 2-1 win over Morton, while fellow stopper Paul Quinn is awaiting the results of a heart scan.
The doc checks we don't have any new injuries, we get a heart scan and they check our teeth and other things.
Juan Ponce Enrile and co-accused in graft and plunder charges over the P10-billion pork barrel scam, underwent a nuclear heart scan and blood test to check thyroid function on Monday.
A statement on Godolphin website said: "Be Ready's cardiac rhythm had returned to normal this morning (on Friday) and the three-year-old will undergo a heart scan and other tests this afternoon by a leading specialist in equine internal medicine, Celia Marr.
with Dr Neil Murray QA HEART scan showed aortic stenosis but I feel fine.
Heart scan (Stress MIBI) was taken as standard as it showed maximum exposure (0.
Experts say the test, coupled with a simple heart scan, may be able to identify early signs of heart disease.
The HEART scan is designed with the needs of perioperative and critical care medicine in mind: anaesthetists, intensivists, emergency physicians, surgeons and internal medicine specialists.
Under the terms of the agreement, Corindus' robotic-assisted systems will be combined with Philips' heart scan technology to improve the treatment of obstructed coronary arteries.
After a heart scan and the warning from docs, Gary put himself on a strict 1,000calories diet of protein shakes every day for three months and bought a bicycle.