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In the course of this sequencing, they identified, for the first time, a person without any SCARB1 function, typified by an extremely high HDL-C level of about 150 mg/dL, whereas the normal level is about 50 mg/dL.
Results: In our study levels of TC and LDL-C were significantly increased in patients of MDD while HDL-C was decreased in patients of MDD compared to healthy control.
The criteria consist of 5 components of MetS namely abdominal obesity (Waist circumference in males >102cm and in females >88cm), raised TG (>150mg/dl], low HDL-C (in males <40mg/dl and in females <50mg/dl], raised blood pressure ([greater than or equal to] 130/85mmHg] and impaired blood glucose ([greater than or equal to] 110mg/dl].
Table 2 also shows the mean [+ or -] SEM values of the lipid profiles of both CAD-negative and -positive diabetic subjects, which were significantly different when compared with those of the control subjects, except the HDL-c value of CAD-negative subjects.
HDL particles as opposed to total HDL-C is a better indicator of coronary heart disease.
Based on these findings, the research team concluded that HDL-P may be a better marker of residual risk than chemically measured HDL-C or apoA-1.
Total serum cholesterol was determined via CHOD-PAP enzymatic colorimetric method, HDL-C was determined via homogenous enzymatic colorimetric method, triglyceride was measured via GPO-PAP enzymatic colorimetric method and serum glucose was measured via hexokinase method.
Although the benefit of high HDL-c contents appears to be obvious, most clinical trials that aimed at increasing HDL-c concentrations failed to generate convincing results.
Each 10% reduction in LDL-C is estimated to reduce the risk of stroke by 15.6%.The effect of statins may vary among patients, with those with low HDL-C and elevated triglycerides more likely to benefit from statin therapy.
Spearman rank correlation was used to assess the correlation of TC/HDL-C, TG/HDL-C, LDL-C/ HDL-C, CRF, non-HDL-C, LDL-C, TG, and WC with insulin levels and insulin resistance.
Lead researcher Daniel Rader has identified a gene called LIPG, which when mutated result in high plasma HDL-C levels.