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high-density lipoprotein.
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Abbreviation for high density lipoprotein. See: lipoprotein.
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A lipoprotein with a relatively high concentration of protein and low concentration of lipids that incorporates cholesterol and transports it to the liver. High levels are associated with a decreased risk of atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease. Also called HDL cholesterol.
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Abbreviation for high-density lipoprotein.
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Abbrev. for high density LIPOPROTEINS.
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High-density lipoprotein (HDL)

A type of lipoprotein that protects against coronary artery disease by removing cholesterol deposits from arteries or preventing their formation.
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Patient discussion about HDL

Q. what are the sources for high density lipoprotein? I have heard that high density lipoprotein is good for heart. What differences does it make in heart’s health and what are the sources for high density lipoprotein?

A. Hi Liam, it is very important that we have high density lipoprotein (HDL) in our body. The fact is that the HDL is formed inside the body. They are known as good cholesterol as they are famous for their protection for heart against the heart diseases. It has been found that Vitamin B3 or Niacin consumption increases the count of HDL. It’s good to cut on the diet having more of saturated fats and oils, which increases the chances of heart attack.

Q. How can I increase my HDL cholesterol levels? My Doctor told me that my cholesterol levels are not good and that I should lower my LDL and higher my HDL. I understand how to lower the cholesterol, but how can I increase the HDL?

A. a good way is to eat boiled fish, and instead of regular oil, add olive oil to your salad.

Q. Improving High Triglycerides I take Tricor for high triglyceride levels; I have a healthy level of total cholesterol, with low LDL, very good HDL. I am now being treated for hypothyroidism, but my doctor says that it's also genetic (I had almost the exact same level number as my brother). How can I work to get my triglycerides under control?

A. High level of triglycerides are generally both genetic and diet related. If you are consuming a high fat containing diet then your level of triglycerides will be increased. On the other hand, regardless of your good cholesterol levels, if you start lowering the amount of fat in your food (less oil, less sweets, less red meat) and combine it with physical activity you can lower your triglycerides level, especially if you are already on medications.

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