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'The time has come to move toward universal HCV screening in women who are pregnant, with initial prenatal investigations that are then repeated based on risk factors in the third trimester,' she concluded.
Literature search shows scanty data on Non-specific Impairment of Lung Functions (NILF) in patients of HCV and there is no published report on this topic from Pakistan.
CDC's Division of Viral Hepatitis performed HCV genetic sequencing and phylogenetic analysis on specimens from both ED patients; a high degree of similarity in nucleotide sequences (>96%) between HCV viral variants sampled from two persons indicates a common source of transmission (3,4).
Total positive HCV occurrence was 218 out of 424 fully tested NHANES participants.
The study was conducted between 2008 and 2014, and it included 367 anti-HCV positive patients (309 with chronic hepatitis C [CHC]; 48 with SC HCV; 10 with false positive anti-HCV result).
Conclusion: A frequency of 4.3% for HCV seropositivity was observed in our cohort of male individuals from Okara garrison and the surrounding areas.
Study participants came from the Canadian Co-Infection Cohort (CCC),an ongoing analysis of people with HIV and HCV seen at 18 clinics across Canada.
"HCV antibody prevalence may have increased, while HCV RNA prevalence may have decreased," the authors write.
According to the company, the Xpert HCV VL Fingerstick test allows for a simplified diagnostic pathway.
SVR to treatment is defined as undetectable HCV RNA after 12 weeks (SVR12) or 24 weeks (SVR24) of treatment completion.
This work will provide the active HCV prevalence data for further research/studies, which can be helpful to health policy makers to plan strategies for the control of hepatitis C disease particularly in district Shangla and generally in Pakistan.