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A salt containing the anion HCO3-, which is the most important buffer in the blood, it is regulated by the kidney, which excretes it in excess and retains it when needed; it increases with ingestion of excess anti-acids, diuretics and steroids; it is decreased with diarrhoea, liver disease, renal disease and chemical poisoning.

Bicarbonate is usually measured in serum as total CO2.
Ref range
24–26 Meq/L.


Bicarbonate, see there.
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The results further showed that the higher soil EC was highest in Tando Adam and lowest in Oderolal area; pH was higher in Berani and lowest in Oderolal area; HCO3 , Na and Ca2+ were higher in Oderolal area soil samples and lower in soil samples collected from Tando Adam.
Skubis (1999) it has been informed that before and after exercise applied to 8 healthy sedentary people in 2 different days and hours, there has no increase in PCO2 and PO2 and decrease in BEB and change in HCO3 and the study in different hours and days has not changed the results.
Meekin's Air Service FAR 135 HCO3 Box 8513 Palmer, AK 99645 745-6159
wells HCo3 meq /1 C1 meq /1 No3-Nmg/1 So4-S mg/1 B mg/1 Abdia 7.
Kidney disease has also been postulated to predispose the animal to metabolic hyperchloremic acidosis, respiratory alkalosis and possible HCO3 deficits.
Data about water including pH, EC, Cl, CO3, SO4, HCO3, K, Na, Mg, Ca, SAR and TDS in hydrometric stations related to the 2005 year were collected.
58 PaCO2 56 mm Hg PaO2 58 mm Hg HCO3 51 mEq/L Electrolytes/Other Analytes Na 150 mEq/L Cl 80 mEq/L K 2.
an association between blood gas PO2 and PCO2 values and mortality, higher mortality rates were observed in patients with lower HCO3 levels.
5 and +20) creatinine glucose and HCO3 and creatinine in urine samples were analysed spectrophotometerically by using commercially available kits (Randox Laboratories Ltd.
1%) children had HCO3 x < 21 mmol/l, 15 cases (7.
Considering the plot radial diagrams pertaining to the year 2007, the type of water in Stations 1 to 4 is Ca and HCO3.