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1; positive HBsAg, negative HBsAb, positive HBeAg and HBeAb were recorded.
HBsAg was still positive, with negative antibodies, but she had cleared HBeAg under positive HBeAb.
6 IU/mL, positive HBsAg and HBeAb, negative HBsAb and HBeAb.
In either case, the presence of HBeAb indicates a low level of viral replication with low to moderate infectivity, while HBeAg indicates high viral replication and infectivity.
Interestingly, with the exception of isolated HBeAb (which was found to be significantly more prevalent in patients with seropattern III), the distribution of both primary and secondary markers was not significantly different in the specimens with primary seropattern III and IV ('+ + +'), where all 3 primary markers are detected together (Table I).
The majority of chronic carriers in South Africa acquire asymptomatic HBV disease in the first 5 years of life and have seroconverted to HBeAb by the time they reach puberty.
The indications for low-dose liver CT as an IHA tool in asymptomatic people for high-risk liver cancer in China include HBsAg (+), HBeAg (+), and HBcAb (+) or HBsAg (+), HBeAb (+), and HBcAb (+), with AFP more than 2 times of normal value.
Markers of hepatitis B virus in mothers and vertical transmission of the virus Markers of HBV in HBV- mother HIV+ DNA HBsAg HBeAg A 5 + + + B 2 - + - C 7 - - - Vertical HBV HBsAb HBeAb HBcAb transmission A - - + 3 B - + - 0 C - - + 0