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These five all have HBB gene mutations that are associated with reduced, but not totally absent, production of functional hemoglobin.
The aim is to explore the role of HBB in the region and to map the perceptions of HBB towards government business development policy, as well as the usage and perceived usefulness of these policies within the region.
Plants were transplanted on 23-24 Jun 2000 and allowed to establish for 5 d in the cages before HBB adults were introduced into the cages.
An advantage of inheriting HBB, if heterozygous, is increased immunity to malaria while the disadvantage is that homozygous recessive alleles (SS) develop sickle-cell anemia (7).
According to Stephen Moody, team leader for the Individual Combat Ration Team, of the Department of Defense Combat Feeding Directorate, Natick Soldier Center, the HBB was developed because it "was noted during field evaluations that Soldiers often did not reconstitute their hot beverages--coffee, cocoa, or tea--because of the mess they would make in their canteen cup.
When we first drew up a list of artists we wanted to show at HBB, Nicolas was one of the first names we had down.
The performances of DEFA3 and HBB were better than those of SRGN and UROD, respectively, and ITGB3 was similar to ITGA2B (Fig.
This is done by using network analysis as a tool, for the development of HBB in the Casey Local Government Area (LGA) which is used as a case study.
Two makeshift bombs were hurled at the offices of HBB television in central Istanbul, but only one went off, the Anatolia news agency reported.
2 [The report was from DOD's Defense Environmental Cleanup Program and was to Congress for Fiscal Year 1993, complete date was March 31, 1994: HBB 14.