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The parent ductile iron's HAZ/ fusion zone and the welding material had a ductile/brittle transition temperature lower than -4F (-20C), while the steel HAZ was embrittled at low temperature.
Values in HAZ heat affected zone gradually decreased to basic values of material in range from 144,4 till 165 HV0.
After adjustment for children, mothers and household characteristics, and for current and past breastfeeding patterns, the HAZ remained associated with the mode of complementary feeding among children 12-23 months of age (p=0.
Stokes reported the presence of spherulites in the HAZ of vibration-welded polypropylene [6].
The properties of weld material (density, specific heat capacity and coefficient of thermal conductivity) are changing during the welding and from the reason of big temperature change of base material, what have the consequence the material structure changes which can has the influence to the mechanical properties mainly in HAZ.
However, a total of pounds 900,000 of the HAZ funding was not spent during the past 12 months.
The resulted relatively wide HAZ and the lower material cooling rate have produced also the relatively low magnitude of the compressive residual stresses in the processed zone.
Moreover, a smaller thermal conductivity causes heat concentration and less extent of HAZ such is, for instance, the CS case, requiring a smaller heat input per weld length unit.
Different process parameters were investigated in order to detect which process parameter affects the laser beammaterial interaction and to explain the effect of the process parameters on the removal mechanisms and HAZ formation.
2, 3 and 4, fractures shown in three-point-bending test occurred from the HAZ.
The HAZ on sheet metal edges caused by a high temperature laser beam is problematic for several reasons, especially on components over 10 mm thick, although all material gauges are affected.