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H2O New Media are also a recognised company in the Social Media sector and have a vast amount of social media experience that we can leverage in our business," he added.
Media Contact: Nimesh Modak, Imagine H2O, 415-322-0064, nimesh@imagineh2o.
Speaking to Qatar Tribune, Managing Director of H2O Swim Club, Seema Pascoe, said that the event is aimed at promoting swimming culture in the region.
With this partnership, H2O and Ooyala will provide publishers with the advanced tools they require to stream high quality content and generate revenue," he added.
H2O is pursuing its market development in drinking water with a complete portfolio of membrane technologies for municipal, industrial and commercial sectors.
The announcement comes shortly after Imagine H2O launched its Water Data Challenge, the organization's 7[sup.
Our website's informative and professional article sections are there to help everybody--not just our Under Pressure H2O customers.
The new service launched by H2O New Media will provide Twitter management to brands and organizations that wish to utilise the tool effectively with their target audience.
Aribex and H2O TECH officials are optimistic about the synergistic relationship between the companies.
Since submitting a draft business plan to Imagine H2O in 2009, our company has continued to reap the benefits of this program's customer and investor networks," said Peter Yolles, Founder of WaterSmart Software, the customer engagement solutions company for water utilities which has raised over $13M in venture capital and works with over 45 utilities in North America, cumulatively saving over 2 billion gallons of water.
With the rental options H2O ZONE offers, people can spend a few hours on the lake or even explore it for several days.
H2O New Media has been able to advise us on user acquisition strategy, platform functionality and advised us on how to monetise our site.