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named after F.G.J. Henle, a German anatomist and histologist.

H's chromoreaction
a color change to dark brown within 20 minutes of applying Zenker solution to the cut surface of a pheochromocytoma.
H's fissure
spaces filled with connective tissue between the muscular fibers of the heart.
Henle-Koch's postulates
used in the evaluation of a microorganism as the cause of a disease. See koch's postulates.
H's layer
outermost layer of the inner root sheath of the hair follicle.
H's ligament
lateral expansion of the lateral edge of the rectus abdominis muscle which attaches to the pubic bone.
H's loop
U-shaped loop of the uriniferous tubule of the kidney.
H's membrane
inner layer of choroid (basal lamina) in contact with the retina.
H's sheath
the endoneurium, especially the delicate continuation around terminal branches of nerve fibers.
H's tubules
straight ascending and descending portions of a renal tubule forming Henle's loop.