Guyon, Felix J.C.

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Guyon, Felix J.C.

Fr. surgeon, 1831–1920.

Guyon canal

A tunnel on the ulnar side of the wrist formed by the hook of the hamate and pisiform bones. The ulnar nerve may be compressed at this site in long-distance bicyclists, by falling on the wrist, or by repetitive wrist actions.

Guyon sign

Ballottement of the kidney.
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Felix J.C., French surgeon, 1831-1920.
Guyon amputation - amputation above the malleoli, a modification of Syme amputation.
Guyon bougie
Guyon canal
Guyon catheter guide
Guyon clamp
Guyon curettage
Guyon dilator
Guyon exploratory bougie
Guyon isthmus - an elongated constriction at the junction of the body and cervix of the uterus. Synonym(s): isthmus of uterus
Guyon sign - ballottement of the kidney in cases of nephroptosis, especially when there is also a renal tumor.
Guyon sound
Guyon ureteral sound
Guyon vessel clamp
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