Max A.G., German chemist, 1847-1915. See: Gutzeit test.
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The spelling of the noun in Low German (and Middle Low German) texts varies: meie, meije, meye, mey, meygh, meige, meyge, maig, maie, maye (Grimm, Grimm 12 : 1473-1475; Weinhold 1869: 50; Gutzeit 1887: 228-229; Schiller, Lubben 1877: 57).
Harsh weather conditions will help to drive the move towards intelligent smart metering in the Middle East, according to Diehl Metering board member Frank Gutzeit.
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The race has been dominated by New Zealander Chris Birch for the last three years, but Britain's Graham Jarvis, a magician on a motorcycle, South Africa's home-grown hero Jade Gutzeit and the likes of young Marc Torlage, experienced Darryl Curtis and German legend Andreas 'Letti' Lettenbacher were all out to dethrone the Kiwi.
Its founders, Marcus Meckel and Martin Gutzeit, were Evangelical theologists who had been thinking of reestablishing social democracy in the East since April of that year.
house in Amherstview, and the Fairfield Gutzeit House in Bath, built by William Fairfield Jr.
In 1990, the then chairman of the VdM, Reinhart von Gutzeit, told the German Suzuki Institute that many music schools included the Suzuki Method among their teaching methods and that the Institute played a valued role as the only German institution offering training for Suzuki teachers (Wartberg, 2004, p.
Maria Gutzeit, a member of the Newhall County Water District, received 2,800 votes.
The latter can be detected by the so-called Marsh test in which arsine is thermally decomposed, forming a black arsenic mirror inside a narrow tube, or by the Gutzeit method in which a test paper impregnated with mercuric chloride darkens when exposed to arsine because of the formation of free mercury.
Initially, the Gutzeit method was used (22), but later, in the 1980s, the silver diethyldithiocarbamate colorimetric method was used (23), since the 1990s, hydride generation-atomic absorption spectrometry has been used (24).
In other news, the supervisory board of Leifheit appointed two new members of the board of management, Hans-Georg Franke and Frank Gutzeit.