Killian, Gustav

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Gustav, German laryngologist, 1860-1921.
Killian antrum cannula
Killian bundle - Synonym(s): inferior constrictor muscle of pharynx
Killian cannula
Killian elevator
Killian frontal sinus chisel
Killian frontoethmoidectomy procedure
Killian gouge
Killian incision
Killian nasal speculum
Killian operation - an operation for frontal sinus disease.
Killian septal compression forceps
Killian septal elevator
Killian septal speculum
Killian tonsil knife
Killian triangle - the triangular-shaped area of the cervical esophagus. Synonym(s): Laimer triangle
Killian-Lynch suspension laryngoscope
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Gustav Killian performed the first bronchoscopy in 1897 to diagnose, evaluate, and treat foreign body aspiration [2].