Gunn, Robert Marcus

Gunn, Robert Marcus

Brit. ophthalmologist, 1850–1909.

Gunn dots

White spots occurring on the retina of the eye, close to the macula.

Gunn pupil

, Marcus Gunn pupil
Diminished pupillary reaction to direct light; the symptom is secondary to optic nerve disease.
See: swinging flashlight test

Gunn syndrome

, Marcus Gunn syndrome
A congenital condition in which a ptotic eyelid retracts briefly when the mouth is opened or the jaw is moved to one side. The person appears to wink each time the jaw is opened.
See: jaw winking
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Robert Marcus, English ophthalmologist, 1850-1909.
Gunn dots - minute, highly glistening, white or yellowish specks usually seen in the posterior part of the fundus.
Gunn phenomenon - an increase in the width of the eyelids during chewing. Synonym(s): Gunn syndrome; jaw-winking syndrome; Marcus Gunn syndrome
Gunn pupil - Synonym(s): Marcus Gunn pupil
Gunn sign - compression of the underlying vein at arteriovenous crossings seen ophthalmoscopically in arteriolar sclerosis. Synonym(s): Marcus Gunn sign
Gunn syndrome - Synonym(s): Gunn phenomenon
Marcus Gunn pupil - relative afferent pupillary defect. Synonym(s): Gunn pupil
Marcus Gunn sign - Synonym(s): Gunn sign
Marcus Gunn syndrome - Synonym(s): Gunn phenomenon
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