Ferdinand A., German physician, 1864-1941. See: Klein-Gumprecht shadow nuclei, Gumprecht shadows.
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She was the daughter of the late Henry and Ila (nee Townsend) Gumprecht.
com Roy Gumprecht, marketing Oil States Industries, Inc.
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Horsemeat is as much a part of Vienna as the Sachertorte," Margarete Gumprecht, head of a family business that specialises in the iron-rich treat, told Format magazine this month.
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See Blake Gumprecht, The American College Town 297-322 (2008) (providing in-depth analysis of town-gown conflict); see also Good Will Hunting (Miramax Films 1997), available at http://www.
German Andre Gumprecht admitted he'd had "mixed feelings" about donning the uniform and toothbrush moustache for the Central Coast Mariners' fancy dress bash.