Gummy Smile

The appearance of a person’s mouth when smiling in which their teeth appear abnormally small, due to either a high lip line (hypermobilie lip), hyperplasia of the gums—which can occur in response to certain medications—e.g., phenytoin—or smaller than normal teeth due to developmental events, tooth eruption abnormalities, orthodontic treatments and even congenital defects
Management Surgery
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Moreover, the practice offers advanced treatments using lasers to help significantly reduce gummy smile.
Gummy Smile: Gummy smile is both a cosmetic and an oral hygiene issue which could be difficult to treat.
I think about the first time I saw that toothless gummy smile, and compare it to his bright bungisngis smile today, with six little pearly whites shining brightly.
I couldn't get into the intricacies of particular policies but I could look up at people with puppy dog eyes, ask if my daddy could count on their support and then flash an irresistibly cute gummy smile.
18 One of the clinical criteria in determining which of these factors is re- sponsible for a gummy smile relates to the basic shape of the teeth.
Esthetic crown lengthening is used to correct a gummy smile.
As a pioneer of revolutionary dental techniques including a lip lowering treatment to fix a gummy smile and gum bleaching to treat discolored dark gum, Dr.
Background and Design: Although gingival hyperpigmentation is not a medical problem, people who have moderate or severe gingival pigmentation, particularly patients having a gummy smile, frequently request cosmetic treatment.
London, September 30 ( ANI ): Researchers have revealed that two simple injections into the so-called Elvis Presley muscle, which causes the gummy smile in adults, can help them smile along with the rest of the world.
I also wrote dippy pieces for secular parenting magazines, generally following the mandatory format of gosh-this-parenting-thing-is-hard-and-full-of-effluvia-and-ew-I-have-Cheerios-in-my-hair-and-the-house-is-a-sty and then my baby smiled her delicious gummy smile and nothing else mattered.
Window seat #5, next to an old woman with a gummy smile.
At the hospital the nurses called him 'cheeky Charlie' because he has a big gummy smile and winks while he smiles.