Baltic Sea

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Baltic Sea,

a sea in northern Europe.
Baltic myeloma - autosomal recessive condition with onset between 8 and 13 years of age, characterized by myoclonic and generalized seizures, relatively frequent in the Baltic region, particularly Finland.
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In the Gulf of Bothnia strong winds are primarily from the sector between south and west, and thus the eastern coast of the basin can experience heavy ice forces.
In this film we see van der Werve, dressed all in black, walking just ahead of a gargantuan icebreaking ship as it plows through the frozen waters of Finland's Gulf of Bothnia, the artist nearly invisible against the brooding hull of the ship.
The 150 million [euro] Fenno-Skan 2 HVDC project will create an 800MW, 500kV subsea electricity transmission connection between southern Finland and Sweden, following a 200km route below the Gulf of Bothnia.
The new Kroksberg railway tunnel will be built on a new section of track between Harnosand and Veda, forming part of the line that follows the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia.
48 Between which two European countries does the Gulf of Bothnia lie?
As Russia expanded to optimum lines of conquest within the Heartland, such as the Gulf of Bothnia, the Danube River, and the Black Sea, control of territory beyond these "moats" was maintained by accommodating client states such as Poland and Georgia, and client societies such as the Cossacks, Kalmyks, and Baltic Germans.
The subvolcanic biotite granite porphyries in the northern part of the Riga batholith on Saaremaa and Ruhnu islands resemble the granophyres (graphic granites) of the Gulf of Bothnia (Eskola 1928).
From the twelfth to the nineteenth centuries, the Swedish empire crossed the Gulf of Bothnia, with Finland as an impoverished colony.
The swimming image is suggested by his own daily swims, like his father before him, in the Gulf of Bothnia, and his public baths in handy French brooks.