C., Norwegian chemist, 1862-1902. See: Guldberg-Waage law.
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Guldberg most recently served as president of Heartland Apparel, which until recently held the apparel license for Bob Timberlake.
The northern coast of New South Wales is a popular international tourist destination, six per cent of Australia's international tourists visited there in 1989, the same proportion that visited Uluru (Ayers Rock) (Brokensha and Guldberg 1992:27).
Nii kutsub Jorn Guldberg ules looma teatud sorti metateaduslikku viiteraamistikku sotsrealismile, mis aitaks vastata kusimusele, kuidas noukogude kunstnikud suunati maailma ja looma nii, nagu nad loid.
LM's editor, Mr Michael Hume, and publishers Informinc (LM) Ltd and Ms Helene Guldberg, denied libel and said the criticism was justified.
Following the careful research work of Max Guldberg (1836-1902) and Peter Waage (1833-1900), the Law of Mass Action was announced by the latter in 1867.
I am trying to contact my brother, William Guldberg, who may be living in England, and my older sister, Ann Brown, who lived in East Kilbride.
Reitzels, 1877], 6: 125-28) and Henrik Wergeland (Ole Bull [Kristiania: Guldberg & Dzwonkowski, 1843]), were of the "as told to the author" type in which Haugen, following Linge, apparently suspects Bull of having planted, at the expense of strict veracity, the exaggerations useful to the creation of a commercially profitable public image.
The project includes the construction of new transmission line from the intersection Langelandsgade - Paludan-ME-ller Road, via Kaserneboulevarden, Hoegh Guldberg Street, Vennelyst Boulevard, through Vennelystparken, via Eystboulevarden and Eystbanetorvet to Hjortholmsvej, Aarhus Island where the cord connected to a newly established energy.
We have been looking at how technology can support pupils with autism to communicate more effectively," Dr Karen Guldberg, from the University of Birmingham's School of Education, told Sky News.
Guldberg P, thor Straten P, Birck A, Ahrenkiel V, Kirkin AF, Zeuthen J.
Guldberg, Sauchengill Place, G/R, Bishoploch, Lochend, Glasgow G34 0EY.