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Guido, Italian physician, 1508-1569.
Guidi canal - Synonym(s): pterygoid canal
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Additionally, Philogen disclosed that it has appointed three new board members: Dr Guido Guidi previously Head of Oncology Europe at Novartis; Dr Roberto Marsella, previously Director of Investments of Fondo Strategico Italiano / CDP Equity, now with Generali; and Dr Roberto Ferraresi previously partner of PAI partners and currently CEO of The Equity Club.
The Italian Guido Guidi also specialises in finding the fascinating in the banal, with pared back, calm landscapes of scenes that others might not think worth photographing such as street corners, concrete fences or road signs.
Franco Vaccari, Mario Cresci, Guido Guidi, Luigi Ghirri.
II libro di Nicoletta Leonardi, Fotografia e materialite in Italia, ricostruisce in maniera appassionata e rigorosa le vicende umane e artistiche di quattro fotografi attivi tra gli anni Sessanta e Settanta: Franco Vaccari, Mario Cresci, Guido Guidi e Luigi Ghirri.
Guido Guidi, working a decade later, positioned himself directly at the leading edge of human incursion into the natural environment, his pictures juxtaposing messy construction sites and, in the distance, unpopulated mountain ranges.
Covering the last 20 years, Guido Guidi's new book A New Map of Italy is an excellent introduction to a seminal Italian photographer.
The four personal contributions, shot in various places along the motorway, document individuals living close to the infrastructure (Frank Schiappa), service areas (Guido Guidi), waterways near by (Giorgio Barrera) and the semantic universe of the road (Francesco Gnot).
Four videos produced by artist Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, still photography by Guido Guidi and Richard Pare, and a computer animation by architect Ammar Eloueni, all specially commissioned for Mies in America, are presented.
A selection of 150 Scarpa drawings brought together from the family archives and from museums in Venice, Verona and Palermo is supported by work specially commissioned by the CCA including a series of photographs by Guido Guidi and four analytical models from the studio of George Ranalli.
I gave her the name Costanza: she was held at her baptism by Guido Guidi, the King's physician and, as I have written before, a very good friend of mine.
Franco Vaccari, Mario Cresci, Guido Guidi, Luigi Ghirri, che quattro fotografi italiani raccoglieranno i frutti di questi illustri precedenti, incentrando le loro ricerche proprio sull'"incontro fra gli individui e le cose nei contesti materiali che essi abitano" (7).