Fanconi, Guido

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Guido, Swiss pediatrician, 1892-1979.
De Toni-Fanconi syndrome - see under De Toni
Debré-De Toni-Fanconi syndrome - Synonym(s): Fanconi syndrome
Fanconi-Albertini-Zellweger syndrome - syndrome characterized by multiple conditions including congenital heart defect, microdontia, metabolic acidosis, and bone-related problems as well as growth retardation.
Fanconi anemia - a type of idiopathic refractory anemia characterized by pancytopenia, hypoplasia of the bone marrow, and congenital anomalies. Synonym(s): congenital aplastic anemia; congenital pancytopenia; Fanconi pancytopenia; Fanconi syndrome (1)
Fanconi pancytopenia - Synonym(s): Fanconi anemia (1)
Fanconi syndrome (1) - Synonym(s): Fanconi anemia; - (2) a group of conditions with characteristic disorders of renal tubular function.Synonym(s): Debré-De Toni-Fanconi syndrome
Lignac-Fanconi syndrome - see under Lignac
Wissler-Fanconi syndrome - see under Wissler
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