Guest Authorship

A practice in which senior researchers are listed as co-authors—despite having had little to do with the work involved in publishing original research reports—on research reports that are the works of others,e.g., undergraduates and postdoctoral fellows working in their lab
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Guest authorship and ghostwriting in publications related to rofecoxib: a case study of industry documents from rofecoxib litigation.
related to rofecoxib which involved guest authorship and ghost-writing alike.
Guest authorship was defined by Wager and Kleinert (2011) as authorship granted to an individual who does not meet ethical standards for authorship, because of his or her "seniority, reputation or supposed influence." Guest authorship may be granted when authors believe having a senior researcher on a manuscript enhances their own prestige or the chances of a manuscript being accepted for publication.
They include guest authorship, gift authorship, and ghost authorship.
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