Guest Author

A person who was not involved in research or in writing a paper—especially in a peer-reviewed journal—who nonethelesss shares author credits
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She is an enlightened public speaker, and a frequent contributing guest author for various online media outlets and industry magazines.
html) Kline said she was a guest author at a Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy fundraiser at which she and her husband posed for a photo with the former president.
We also have a special feature by guest author, Ginger Baker, LBBP, MBA, MS, MT (AAB), who practices in the healthcare areas of high reliability, operational excellence and laboratory operations.
I am delighted that one of the speakers at the DPSG-NA meeting is this month's Master Class guest author, Lynn M.
At the beginning of each meeting, students share their specific school's ongoing reading-related programs (such as Family Literacy Night, Poetry Slams, Book Reading Challenges, and guest author programs) with their fellow students.
In a brief section entitled "Listening Levels," guest author Matthew Edwards cites a study that found students listen to music via ear buds at levels as high as 110 decibels.
My guest author for this issue, Michael Harmon, is the Director of Compliance at the West Virginia Mutual Insurance Company, and he is an expert on HIPAA compliance and cyber security issues who writes and speaks frequently on these topics.
In conjunction with RAPRA, the series will feature a bi-monthly comment from a guest author working in the skills sector, who will offer insight and advice into the courses, apprenticeships and training available, their importance and how to access them.
The recipes are either Nassar's or guest author Nynke Burggraaff's, and come with a calorie count and picture of the finished product.
Acclaimed guest author and storyteller Giles Abbot will also be hosting two events.
Students then will move to the Center for Meeting and Learning for small-group reading sessions featuring a range of community leaders and guest author Susan Middle ton Elya ("Rubia and the Three Osos").
One way of doing this is by linking content to your Facebook site, actively commenting on professional forums or being a guest author on other blogs.