Guedel airway

Gue·del airway

oropharyngeal airway used to ensure airway patency during general anesthesia.
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Arthur Ernest, U.S. anesthetist, 1883–.
Guedel airway - rubber oropharyngeal airway.
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Gue·del air·way

(gū-del ārwā)
Oropharyngeal airway used to ensure airway patency during general anesthesia.
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Intranasal surgery was done by consultant Otorhinolaryngologist and before extubation patients of both groups were placed in lateral decubitus position with head down, after suctioning of secretions and blood, throat packs were removed, an appropriate size Guedel airway was placed in the oral cavity and patients assigned to group-A were extubated fully awake while patients in group-B were extubated during deep anaesthesia by the researcher.
Shwethapriya, "Comparison of oral fiberoptic intubation via a modified guedel airway or a laryngeal mask airway in infants and children," Journal of Anaesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology, vol.
Bag and mask ventilation with a Guedel airway in situ was difficult and oxygen saturations could not be maintained above 75% with a two-anaesthetist technique.
Insert a Guedel airway and ventilate the patient manually with a face mask while waiting for more experienced help.
After loss of consciousness bag-mask ventilation was attempted which was difficult, requiring a Guedel airway and two-person technique.
A correctly sized oropharyngeal airway (Guedel airway) may be used in the deeply sedated patient to help maintain an open airway.
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After induction it was immediately apparent that high pressures were required for bag-mask ventilation (45 cm[H.sub.2]O) which did not improve after Guedel airway insertion.
Laryngeal mask airway vs face mask and Guedel airway during pediatric myringotomy.