Arthur Ernest, U.S. anesthesiologist, 1883-1956. See: Guedel airway.
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In 1937, Guedel published his classic text describing the stages and planes of ether anaesthesia relating them to clinical signs.
The devices used for maintaining the airway include a Guedel cannula, nasopharyngeal cannula and, when general anesthesia is used, a laryngeal mask and orotracheal tube (5).
Dr George Crile took up the challenge to train nurses in the safe administration of anaesthetic to patients as did Dr Arthur Guedel who also actively taught hundreds of individuals on the safe administration of ether to surgical patients during WW1.
Guedel introduced cuffed endotracheal tube at the turn of the nineteenth century for the artificial ventilation.
Compariso of oral fiberoptic intubation via a modified Guedel airway or a laryngeal mask airway in infants and children.
Key Words: laryngeal plug, Arthur Ernest Guedel, Gilbert Reynolds Troup
Por ejemplo: Afasia, pacientes sordomudos, dificultad en la comunicacion por lengua extranjera, retardo mental, cuadriplejia, fracturas multiples, trauma facial severe, intoxicacion etilica o de otro tipo, intubacion orotraqueal, canula de Guedel, sedacion terapeutica.
06 Anaesthetist A re-inserted the guedel while the Ambubag was fixed together for manual ventilation.
It's all brand new and people and governments are just learning how to address the challenges and protect themselves," Patrick Guedel, general manager of the Lower Gulf Region, for Siemens' Infrastructure and Cities Sector.
Acoustically, our results concur with the analysis from Guedel (2007), Section 1.
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