Arthur Ernest, U.S. anesthesiologist, 1883-1956. See: Guedel airway.
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Mensah also expressed the hope that Senegal and their legendary President Mr Guedel Ndiaye will soon join the three nations in the quest to develop Rugby in the sub-continent of West Africa.
The use of proper size Guedel oro-pharyngeal airway may be beneficial for NGT insertion in patients under GA.
In 1937, Guedel included laryngospasm, which is part of the phase II signs, characterized by excitement, in the description of anesthetic planes.
When adequate neuromuscular relaxation is obtained, an adequate-sized Guedel's airway is inserted.
Shwethapriya, "Comparison of oral fiberoptic intubation via a modified guedel airway or a laryngeal mask airway in infants and children," Journal of Anaesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology, vol.
Another way to assess anesthetic depth involves subjective evaluation, which was not performed in this study, such as the use of Guedel's classification combined with BIS values.
As the potential for Anaphylaxis and Cardiac collapse is higher in healthcare situations, especially so for members undertaking Local Anaesthesia or other advanced procedures, the course includes additional training in Adrenaline use and advanced airway management including Oropharangeal (Guedel) Airways and Bag Valve Masks.
Dr George Crile took up the challenge to train nurses in the safe administration of anaesthetic to patients as did Dr Arthur Guedel who also actively taught hundreds of individuals on the safe administration of ether to surgical patients during WW1.
One treatment topic which demonstrated a substantial difference between groups was 'suction--via nasopharyngeal / Guedel'.
Guedel introduced cuffed endotracheal tube at the turn of the nineteenth century for the artificial ventilation.