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(kaf'ēn), Although this word was originally pronounced in three syllables, modern usage has fused the second and third syllables into one. Avoid the mispronunciation kaf-ēn'.
An alkaloid obtained from the dried leaves of Thea sinensis, tea, or the dried seeds of Coffea arabica, coffee; used as a central nervous system stimulant, diuretic, circulatory and respiratory stimulant.
Synonym(s): guaranine, thein
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Most advertising material reports that these herbs contain substances with similar chemical constituency to caffeine, referred to as mateine (Mowrey, n.d.), and guaranine ('Guarana', n.d.), but that the active ingredient is not caffeine.
* Guarana is "herbal caffeine" from the guarana plant, which contains guaranine, a stimulant similar to caffeine.
It contains extra glucose and guaranine - which has a similar effect to caffeine - and each bar has 320 calories.