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An island in the Marianas Oceania, whose Chamorro natives have had their brains extensively researched by Japanese and American neuropathologists attempting to determine why the natives are particularly susceptible to the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-Parkinson’s-Alzheimer’s dementia complex—ALS-P-A
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Many Guamanians trace their roots to the Philippines.
Iran coach Carlos Queiroz responded to the Guamanian visa complaints Monday by saying the US visa rules are making things hard on Iran, which will go to Guam for the return match November 17.
We explored the perceptions and ideas of identity that Guamanian teachers had and connected them to their educational contexts.
In the category labeled "population," we identified the following subcategories: Asian and Pacific Islanders, Native Hawaiians, Samoans, and Chamorros or Guamanians. In the category of "social problems," we identified the subcategories of cultural conflict, health, and elder care.
Options for preparing a will for a Guamanian include drafting a Guam will, drafting a military testamentary instrument, and drafting a will for the jurisdiction of execution.
The picture is not as bleak as it may appear, however, because many Guamanians are beginning to become environmentally aware.
In addition to taking advantage of the tremendous economic growth Guam has experienced, Pizza Hut has benefited from both Guamanian customer loyalty and a growing island habit of dining out.
But, as any Guamanian or Chamorro would say, it's never about the size.
Her efforts didn't go to waste as Smokey Mountain scored two runs in the bases-loaded seventh, with Grace Malalon stealing home before Ella Martinez scored the winning run on the Guamanian first baseman's fumble on a relay of Gelay Llave's hit to short.
Curious what kind of food Guamanians were serving, I went close to the buffet tables and observed.
Marcus Lopez scored twice-one in each half-while Dylan Naputi struck just before the final whistle as the Guamanians notched their first win after back-to-back losses to the Philippines and Chinese-Taipei.
The Azkals dominated the Guamanians for long periods, but were not rewarded until Reichelt, who came in on the 65th minute, rose above everyone else to beat Guam goalkeeper Douglas Herrick off a corner kick.