Irritable Male Syndrome

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A term of recent vintage for the changes seen in seasonally breeding male mammals which, at the end of mating season and due to a drop in testosterone, become testy, not unlike human males. The human equivalent is most common between ages 40 and 60 and has been variously termed male menopause, andropause and viropause
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Brydon plays his uncle, and he will be putting on the make up to play a grumpy old man.
Reader G McLeod enjoyed the Games and called me a grumpy old man.
A GRUMPY old man (Christopher Plummer) with a hankering for classic movies is persuaded by a teenager into helping him enter a student film contest.
IN this new offering, GR, a Grumpy Old Man, turns his considerable talents for troubleshooting on the health service (pictured).
KIRON REID, city councillor and law lecturer, describes me as a grumpy old man. He should be ashamed of himself.
EDINBURGH Fringe Festival smash Rob Brydon is ready for his first big film role - playing a grumpy old man Brydon, the downtrodden cabbie in Marion and Geoff and on his Keith Barret show, is teaming up with Steve Coogan in a new Brit flick.
Geri hit back at Alex labelling him a "grumpy old man" and said: "David was really into Victoria and it was really sweet.
Consumerism Richard Wilson On Hold (Channel 4, 8pm) HE PLAYED the archetypal grumpy old man, Victor Meldrew, in One Foot in the Grave, so who better to investigate an issue that can turn even the sunniest-natured individuals into cranks - automated services.
As a confirmed grumpy old man whose dander and blood pressure rise at the sight of muck and litter, I have nothing but praise for both the council cleaning people who kept the town largely litter free as well as compliments for the local scouts who returned the Sands recreation ground campsite to perfect cleanliness after a busy week-end.
TIM HENMAN is wrestling with his good-guy image and that of a grumpy old man after admitting he is coming down with 'over-30 syndrome'.
ROY Hodgson hopes his 'Grumpy Old Man' routine will ensure victory for Albion at Molineux tomorrow.