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L., late 19th-century German otorhinolaryngologist. See: May-Grünwald stain.
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Joerg Gruenwald is co-founder of analyze & realize GmbH, a specialized business consulting company and CRO in the fields of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, herbals and functional food, and author of the PDR for Herbal Medicines.
"Most of the action will come from the US," remarked Paul Gruenwald, the chief economist for S&P Global Ratings.
YouVersion founder Bobby Gruenwald says he hopes the app will 'redeem' the selfie for users.
S&P Global Ratings Chief Economist Paul Gruenwald has identified a trade war between the US and China as the "number one risk in our credit conditions process." World Trade organisation Director General Roberto Azevedo warned a full-scale trade war could have a "severe impact on the global economy."
Thomas Gruenwald, whose last day with the company was 26 September 2016.
Martyna Bachurek won gold in patterns and sparring and Robert Gruenwald gold in sparring, gold in breaking boards and silver in patterns.
And two, whether we get any political aftershocks, including EU exit/entry votes, from other European markets,' SandP Global Ratings' Asia-Pacific chief economist Paul Gruenwald said in a recent statement.
Tom Gruenwald, President and CEO of Westell, will serve as interim General Manager of IBW while the company searches for a replacement.
"For Asia-Pacific as a whole, we still see limited evidence that those tailwinds, namely the pick-up in US consumer spending and sharply lower oil prices, are boosting growth," said Paul Gruenwald, Standard & Poor's Asia-Pacific chief economist.
Gruenwald describes Jewish Merkavah ("Divine Chariot") mysticism, its history, structure, and main thematic features.
The said character made his first appearance in "Captain America #352" as created by Mark Gruenwald and Kieron Dwyer.
The affair began in 1952, after a Jerusalem hotelier by the name of Malchiel Gruenwald launched an attack on members of the pre-state leadership and their silence during the Holocaust.