exponential growth

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log·a·rith·mic phase

exponential, a period in the course of growth of a bacterial culture in which maximal multiplication is occurring by geometric progression; thus, if the logarithms of their numbers are plotted against time, they will form a straight upward line.
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We will continue to raise the bar on performance, delivery and overall value as the market for high-performance human interface solutions continues to grow exponentially.
Even with technical and legal safeguards in place, there's still a chance your ePortfolio system will grow exponentially. The reason: Alumni.
"The company has been able to position itself to grow exponentially, answering the need of corporate America for larger minority companies that can survive as first-tier suppliers," says Harriet R.
In addition, the average number of email messages sent per day continues to grow exponentially Email today is more than just a communications medium.
This percentage is expected to grow exponentially as the Chinese economy continues to embrace Western philosophies, they said.
In fact, demand for power is expected to grow exponentially during the next five to 10 years.
In such financial areas as mortgages, taxes, and investments, Berkley anticipates Internet usage will grow exponentially over the next few years.
Medicare/Medic-aid expenses grow exponentially; the ballooning federal deficit is propelled by them.
It is clear that nursing homes' most pressing financial needs lie in the years ahead, as the number of people who need our services continues to grow exponentially. In view of this growing pressure - and opportunity - shouldn't you have a fund-raising program to help you meet those needs?
Yet, for all of this and much more, our appetite for health and medical care services continues to grow exponentially, with large pockets of pent-up demand still untapped (e.g., the 40 million or so uninsureds and underinsureds).
"As design complexity and data set sizes grow exponentially, the need for computing resources also increases dramatically," said Mark Canepa, Sun's Vice President of Internet, Desktop and Server Group.
When exposed inner tissue becomes infected, even small populations of the food-poisoning agent can grow exponentially, his data show.