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Ralph W., 20th-century U.S. dermatologist. See: Grover disease.
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Vinay Grover, now Tega's Sudbury-based manager of Canadian operations, spent months on the Internet familiarizing himself with Canada's mining industry and checked out Greater Sudbury's Web site before beginning an e-mail dialogue with the Greater Sudbury Development Corp.
George Grover, 76, was stung more than 40 times after he disturbed a nest in the loft of his home in Eastwood, Essex.
Lee Grover of Newfield, NY zings the Left Coast with a legitimate beef
ACC Construction, a WBE general contracting and construction management firm based in Manhattan, has completed the reconstruction of Grover Cleveland Park, located on Grandview Avenue between Fairview Avenue and Stanhope Street in Queens, NY, announced Michele Medaglia, ACC's president.
And according to Matt Grover, the university's senior network engineer, the University of Florida had more than 20,000 distinct wireless devices.
Jennifer Grover of Rosemoor Close, will take part in the 26-mile run on April 18, to raise money for children's charity Barnardo's.
Robert Grover, Dean, School of Library and Information Management, Emporia State University, 1200 Commercial, Emporia, KS 66801
I got a letter from Grover Amick, a Crow I ran into at the first-ever gathering of the Crows (Sheraton Park Hotel in DC).
Grover of Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs in Murray Hill, N.
It was time to catch a cab to Republican operative Grover Norquist's party, where a committed group of conservative activists would surely be bumming in their beer.
Ann left high school in December of her senior year to marry Grover Cleveland Ashburn, an up-and-coming politician in Oklahoma City.