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An armed conflict including one or more governments, and causing the death of 1,000 or more people per year
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Iran, which just witnessed an uprising by its own people, demanding that Tehran spend its money at home, not in Syria, is subcontracting the ground war that Russia subcontracted to Iran to Iran's proxies - Hezbollah and various Shiite mercenaries from Iraq and Afghanistan.
It is said that there will be some 70,000 ground troops who will step into the inevitable ground war if IS is to be defeated, but many suggest this figure may not even total 700.
S President, Barak Obama, repeated vow to destroy the Daesh terrorist group, but insisting his country would not be pulled into protracted ground war in Syria or Iraq.
lu, assured "the elimination of Daash will not be done without a ground war against it," noting that "any efforts to defeat "Daash" will fail unless the international coalition involve in ground battle against it".
President Barack Obama, anxious to avoid a drawn-out ground war, has backed an air campaign but ruled out deploying boots on the ground.
It is not the authorization of another ground war like Afghanistan or Iraq," Obama said, seeking to differentiate military efforts under his watch from the unpopular wars the U.
Al-Fayez said that the issue of participation in a ground war against the terrorist organization of the "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) is rejected since it is an interference in the Syrian domestic affairs, calling for finding political solutions to the crisis in Syria.
Experts at the Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate say coordination with Iraqi forces and ground war need of the hour.
PresidentBarack Obamavowed on Wednesday the United Stateswill not fight another ground war inIraq, seeking to reassure Americans about the level of US involvement after a top general suggested combat troops could be deployed against Islamic State forces.
Engaging in a full-scale ground war is especially risky.
His story of heavy, intense fighting, the harshest of elements, and continuous casualties is told in a direct, uncensored manner that may startle some readers--but it will give them an understanding of what the ground war in Vietnam was like for those who were there.
He has the benefit of having done the tour of Afghanistan with the Household Cavalry so he understands the lay of the land and the ground war.